If you're heading to Busch Stadium anytime soon you might want to pay close attention to baseballs lying around the stadium seats.

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It's been a fun season so far for the St. Louis Cardinals with three of the best players retiring at the end of the season. Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols, and Adam Wainwright are some of the best of the best to ever play the game. Even fans from other teams and parks can recognize the achievements that all three players have done together and apart. One of those players is now giving back to the fans that gave him so much,

I wonder just how many baseballs he will sign and if he will sign them just at home games or away games. Some lucky fans out there when they go to the stands might think they are picking up just a regular baseball, but I am sure will get the surprise of a lifetime when they take a closer look at it.

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