Losing a four-legged friend is never easy. Trust me I know. What if you wanted to bury your pet in your backyard so that you could be close to your pet?

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There are options for pet owners once a beloved animal dies. You can take it to the vet and they can cremate which can cost over $100 and seems to be the way most pet owners are remembering their animals. If you live in Missouri there are specific laws that you will need to follow in order to bury your animals in your backyard.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has specific guidelines when pet owners (domestic or livestock) want to bury their pets in the backyard or somewhere on their property.

  • At least 15.24 meters (50 feet) from property lines
  • At least 91.44 meters (300 feet) from an existing neighboring residence
  • At least 91.44 meters (300 feet) from any wells, surface water intake structures, public drinking water-supply lakes, springs, or sinkholes

So, yes you can bury your pet in your backyard in Missouri as long as you follow the above guidelines. I have done both cremation and burial and no matter what you decide having a pet cross the rainbow bridge is never easy. However, having the option to have them buried closed to you might ease the pain a little just knowing that they are close and in maybe their favorite spot in your backyard.

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