A man was arrested in a small town in Illinois for a murder decades earlier in another state, it leaves you wondering...Do you really know the people in your small town?

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This story is quite shocking, a man named Rodney Jackson of the small town Roseville, Illinois (just about 900 people) was arrested in connection with a decades-old murder in Tennessee. I read the story on pjstar.com (if you want to read it all click here!) in the article they say...

""Everybody's just shocked," Roseville resident Michelle Hunter said Tuesday. Hunter works at the Casey's convenience store along Illinois Route 116 in Roseville. She said Jackson would patronize the store most mornings, but he usually wasn't purchasing coffee and doughnuts. "He bought beer every single day. Beer and cigarettes," Hunter said."

Apparently, he hadn't been residing in Roseville for too long, and he did serve time for sexual abuse of a family member who was a minor, so Rodney Jackson is not a great guy to put it lightly.

What this story makes me wonder is do you really know the people next to you in the line at the gas station, or sitting next to you at the football game, you really don't. Ever since I moved to Quincy, IL from Chicago the thing that has impressed me the most is that everybody knows everybody, and when you don't know anybody you feel out of place. I'm glad that Rodney Jackson is behind bars, hopefully for good this time, and I don't want to believe that there are a bunch of Rodney Jacksons out there among us, but how can you know for sure?

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