This guy might be a brother from a different mother. He proposed to his girlfriend in front of the lion enclosure at the St. Louis Zoo. Thanks to a video share, you can see what happened. I'll explain why we may be related, too.

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As we approach Valentine's Day, I decided to search for unique proposals in Missouri. This one definitely qualifies at the St. Louis Zoo. Here's what the photographer said about what that was like:

Barrett surprised Reagan with the sweetest proposal at the place where they went on their first date - the St.Louis Zoo. Reagan had no idea that this was coming and was totally surprised! These two and their infectious love were such a joy to capture.

The lions seemed to be impressed. Spoiler Alert: she said yes.

If you frequent the St. Louis Zoo like my family has over the years, you know the lion enclosure is a highlight. I thought it was funny that the guy was giving male lion Simba advice after he successfully got his proposal accomplished. Simba was either impressed and/or thinking about devouring him.

The reason I feel like I might be related to this dude is due to the fact that my first date with my wife was at the St. Louis Zoo. Unlike him, I didn't propose in front of the lions. Instead, I was bitten by a duck. (Yes, it really happened and my wife can confirm) If I had been thinking (Editor's Note: Never. Gonna. Happen), I would have proposed there also since that was our first real date. Oh, well.

If you're looking to pop the question this Valentine's Day, there are worse places you could go than the zoo. That way if she says no, you can still take pictures of animals.

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