When Grace and June asked their mom if they can do a lemonade stand to donate to the Salvation Army three years ago they never would imagine how big it would get.

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On September 3 the annual Grace and June Lemon-Aid stand will take place throughout Adams County and a few counties in Missouri. Back in 2019 (which was the first year of the stand) the girls, and their parents, never would imagine how the event would grow. This year stands throughout Illinois and Missouri (Adams, Pike, & Brown Counties in Illinois and Marion, Ralls, Lewis, Shelby, and Monroe Counties in Missouri) will be collecting money to give to the Salvation Army. When I asked the girls what made them come up with the idea for a lemon-aid stand they said

One night when we were on a walk with our mom and dad and I had the idea to do a lemonade stand.

And when asked why did they decide to pick the Salvation Army they said,

When we were little we rang bells for the Salvation Army and that was the first thing that pop up in my mind to who we would give the money.

That simple idea of what two young girls had now has grown from one stand to a few. In their first year of the stand, the girls has a goal of $100 but surpassed that goal by $900, not bad for just selling lemonade and snacks. They took 2020 off due to the pandemic, and last year they raised over $1,200, and this year they have a goal of $2,000. And you know what, I think they are going to surpass that by a lot.

Follow the Salvation Army's Facebook page for a map of all the lemon-aid stands that will be out and about on September 3rd and help these two little girls who have the biggest heart do the most good for their community.

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