Forbes has released the list of the 400 Wealthiest Americans, and only 13 of them call Illinois home, the Governor is one of them, but who else made the list?

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Get our free mobile app has an article ranking the 400 Wealthiest Americans, and as you can guess the top of the list is filled with familiar names like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and so on, but if you look closer to home 13 of the Wealthiest Americans live in Illinois, here are there names.

First, you have Ken Griffin worth $16.1 billion (they are all billionaires on this list) then he is followed by Patrick Ryan $7.4 B, Neil Bluhm $6.4 B, Joe Mansueto $6 B, Sam Zell $6 B, Mark Walter $5.4 B, Thomas Pritzker $4.5 B, Ty Warner $4.3 B, Eric Lefkofsky $4.1 B, Steven Sarowitz $3.8 B, Governor JB Pritzker $3.6 B, Penny Pritzker $3.1 B, and finally Joseph Grendys $2.9 B.

To see the full list for yourself just click here! 

Some of the other things to me that are fascinating about this list are...

-97 of the richest Americans live in California almost 1 out of every 4 wealthy Americans

-Jeff Bezos is still #1 with a $201 B net worth, and Elon Musk is the only one close to him at $190.5 B

-Alice Walton of the Walmart stores is the Richest Woman in the US with $67.9 B

-The Youngest person on the list is named Sam Bankman-Fried $22.5 B he is 29 and made his fortune in cryptocurrency, the Oldest is a three-way tie at 95 years old

-Surprisingly to me Michael Jordan is not on the list, nor is Oprah or and of the Kardashian/Jenners.

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