It would be a great idea to keep your eyes on the skies over Wisconsin this weekend as the Northern Lights may be visible due to a major solar storm from a mammoth sunspot.

Space Weather had already predicted a G2-level solar storm thanks to many incoming CME's, but that's now been upgraded to a G3-level storm because of a huge sunspot pointed at Earth that keeps releasing solar flares.

This is the latest forecast from NOAA's experimental Aurora Dashboard showing Wisconsin should almost certainly see some level of Northern Lights either Friday or Saturday night, May 10 and May 11 or possibly both.


If these incoming solar flares impact Earth as expected, many parts of Wisconsin should see Northern Lights comparable to what appeared over Hudson, Wisconsin last March.

Let's state the obvious. It's difficult to forecast when the Northern Lights will be visible over Wisconsin. So many things have to line up. The KP index has to be high. The skies have to be clear. The atmospheric factors need to be right for the dazzling colors to appear over our heads. However, I'd rather alert you that the Northern Lights might (key word) be possible and have nothing happen instead of not passing along the likelihood and have you miss a spectacular sky event. Let's hope this works out like some experts are saying.

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