I had never heard this story, but it's 100% true. A famous steamboat full of treasure and goods is buried under a Missouri corn field and it's unlikely to be dug up anytime soon.

I found this remarkable story after a new episode of Beyond Oak Island was shared on YouTube. The episode is called "Riverboat Riches" and it tells the story of the Malta and how it sank in 1841 and was the inspiration for the town name of Malta Bend. The ship hit a tree and sank into the Missouri River which has now shifted placing it under this corn field.

KMBC 9 out of Kansas City shared the news that the team found 150 gold buttons along with several other items.

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With so many potentially valuable goods aboard and so much history, why hasn't the Malta been dug up? KMBC 9 reported that the cost is estimated at $3 million dollars. 1856.com shared the story of how the explorers found the ship.

There are still hopes that the legendary steamboat can be recovered someday. It's a question of logistics, timing and money and all of those factors must be right for this ship to once again be above ground for its goods and history to be explored further.

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