Willie Nelson is coming to television. The country music legend has been tapped to host a new Austin-based musical variety show titled 'Inside Arlyn.'

The 81-year-old singer-songwriter is set to tape 13 episodes for the show's first season, according to Rolling Stone. The initial episodes will begin taping next week, though the show currently has no distribution.

One of the very first shows will feature Nelson's longtime friend and fellow country legend Merle Haggard, along with blues star Gary Clark, Jr. Dan Rather will also conduct a joint interview with Haggard and Nelson to promote the show. Nelson and Haggard have been working with Kris Kristofferson on a collaborative album between other projects.

Nelson's nephew, Freddie Fletcher, co-owns Arlyn Studios, and he says several different cable networks have expressed interest in seeing the pilot of 'Inside Arlyn' for possible distribution.

Nelson is also set to release an album of collaborations with his sister Bobbie on Dec. 2 via Legacy Recordings. ‘December Day: Willie’s Stash Vol. 1' features 18 tracks -- some that Nelson wrote, and others from classic writers including Irving Berlin.

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