What did I just witness? A wild video shows a guy cruising down the road when in the blink of an eye, he gets jumped by a deer. You read that correctly.

This happens so fast it's hard to see without slowing it down. The guy on the motorcycle on front explained what went down (or over him):

I was riding my 2021 street glide special and filming myself and my GF behind me when a deer jumped into the road next to me and jumped up and over/behind my bike all in a split second.

It happens super quick around the :06 second mark. Don't blink or you'll miss Air Bambi jumping from the right to the left of the camera view.

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Did you miss it? Here's a quick snapshot of the deer first appearing from the right side of the camera view.

ViralHog via YouTube

The deer flies behind the cyclist and then disappears from view apparently landing in the grass area as the riders pass.

ViralHog via YouTube

Fortunately neither deer nor riders were hurt. It's that time of year when the deer are super-active and you need eyes on the back and side of your head practically when you're driving a cycle, car or truck.

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