There is one part of Missouri that seems to be hidden away from the advancement of time and technology and that's a good thing. It's the heavily forested Shannon County, Missouri where wild horses still run free and you can still witness them today.

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I saw a new article shared by MSN about Missouri's wild horses near Eminence, Missouri in Shannon County. One of the best video captures I've seen of this wild herd was recorded at the Lower Round Spring Access on the Current River at sunrise last year. Truly breathtaking animals.

According to the Visit Eminence website, this herd consists of around 20 wild horses. 30 years ago, a Missouri Wild Horse group was formed to protect these animals and keep them from being removed from this part of Missouri. This group will actually help you locate the herd if you'd like to see them without disturbing them. They offer this advice on the Eminence website:

They can be seen at different times of the day grazing in the Broadfoot fields located north of Eminence, in the Shawnee fields located east of Eminence, or in the fields above Two Rivers on Highway V east of Eminence.  If you would like to try to spot them, call the Missouri Wild Horse League and they will be glad to give you directions to these locations or ask almost anyone in town how to get there.

It's the part of Missouri that has remained wild and here's hoping that continues to be the case far into the future so more generations can experience these wild horses themselves.

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