There was a time, not so long ago, that I couldn't have told there was such a thing as an old grain silo/corn crib that was now serving as a trendy bed and breakfast.

Now, it seems like just those kinds of getaway places are everywhere.

I found this one on It's in Bonne Terre, Missouri (Hannibal Pirate football fans know where that is), and it's called simply, "The Silo."

These folks apparently made it a point to leave the outside of this former silo untouched, so on the outside it looks a little rough.

But, when you step inside, it is anything but. Officially, it sleeps five, with two bedrooms and one bath, which features a walk-in marble shower.

The Silo sits on five private acres, and its two story deck actually sits in a farm pond.

If you want to fish, you need to bring your own poles and gear.

If you want to get away from it all, The Silo has all the comforts - fireplace, fire pit, BBQ grill, free wifi and Roku TV's.

Or, if you want to explore the region, you're not that far from St. Louis and all it has to offer.

Check Out 'The Silo" Air bnb, Bonne Terre, MO

Up until recently, I couldn't have told you repurposed grain silo air bnb's were even 'a thing.' Now, it seems like they're everywhere.

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