There is a major debate going on here at Townsquare Media, and well, we need your help to pick who's right. Here is the debate: I say cottage cheese is terrible and my co-workers think it's the best thing since sliced pizza. Help us settle this once and for all.

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I recently made and dropped off a ready-to-eat dinner for  a co-worker who welcomed twin boys a few weeks back. He then proceeded to send me a picture of the meal I made for him (pasta, homemade bruschetta, and bread) defaced with a big pile of cottage cheese on the side. What a way to ruin a perfectly nice Italian dinner.

That, of course, sparked a major debate of whether cottage cheese is or is not the worst thing in the world (by the way, it is).

Here is why I think it's the most disgusting thing on this planet: it's sour milk. I mean you are eating lumpy, chunky, sour milk. Why? I know people will put fruit or honey in it to make it...I don't know...taste better, I guess? If you have to do that to food, then you shouldn't be eating it in the first place.

I do have to make a confession. I have never really had cottage cheese. I just can't get past the way it looks. So if you want to put nasty looking (and probably tasting) sour milk in your body, hey by all means go for it. Meanwhile, this girl is hard passing on anything cottage cheese.

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