A new study published by WalletHub reveals where each state in America ranks on a scale of happiest to least Happy. Illinois, Missouri and Iowa all placed far apart in the rankings.

States are judged based on criteria including "emotional and physical well being" of it's residents, "work environment," and "community environment and recreational activities."

The happiest state in America, according to the study, is Utah. Utah ranks fourth overall in the first area, emotional and physical well being, and first in both of the other criteria. Who knew Utah had so many recreational activities? I suppose the people of Utah do.

The most unhappy state is West Virginia, ranking 51st overall (the findings include the District of Columbia) and in the category of emotional and physical well being (ouch). The state is 43rd in work environment and 50th in community environment and recreational activities. You have a lot of work to do West Virginia.

In the tri-state area, Iowa came out the happiest by a large margin. Iowa ranks 8th overall, thanks to individual criteria rankings of 27, 2 and 11. The 27th ranking for emotional and physical well being is of course in the bottom half, but the number 2 ranking for work environment and number 11 in community environment and recreational activities boosts the state into the top 10 overall.

Illinois didn't fare as well, ranking 29th overall. The Land of Lincoln finishes a respectable 21st in physical and emotional well being, but only 39th in work environment and 26th... just barely in the bottom half, in community environment and recreation.

The state of Missouri didn't fare well in any category. The Show Me State is 45th in emotional and physical well being, 22nd in work environment... respectable, but only 36th in the community environment and recreation category. Those three ranking put Missouri at number 44 overall.

See the entire list and further explanation of the criteria at WalletHub.