This is a fun little game to play. You can find out what the #1 song in America (or other countries) was on the day you were born, or the day you graduated high school, or got married... or any other day you want.


This website tells you what song was on top of the charts on any date you choose. All you have to do is use the drop down boxes located under the record to select a date and year, then click on the flag underneath. Voila! There's the biggest hit on the radio at that time.

Here's what I found out about my life...

The #1 song the day I was born- 'Dizzy' by Tommy Roe... This would better if I was blond.

The day I graduated high school- 'Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)' by Billy Ocean... I liked Billy Ocean but didn't like that song.

The day I started my career in radio- 'It Must Have Been Love' by Roxette... good one!

The day my daughter was born- 'I'll be Missing You' by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans.... ewwww. Well that one is disappointing.

Find out what songs were #1 on any dates you want to look up and tell us at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

Just for good measure, here are my songs...

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