When you see a water fountain, we all grab a coin and make a wish. Ever wonder what happens to the money that gets thrown into the fountain? Here's your answer.

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While we can’t guarantee that a coin tossed into the fountains at the Quincy Mall will make YOUR wishes come true, take comfort in knowing that it may just grant someone else’s. At the end of every month, the loose change is fished out of the bottom of the fountain and counted. In a typical month, the fountain takes in between $100 and $250.

According to Lisa Likes, marketing assistant for the Quincy Mall, the monthly total is donated to a different local area non-profit each month. Recent recipients have included the Red Cross, the Quincy Hospitality House, the Boy Scouts of America. Area D.A.R.E. programs will be the lucky recipients of this month’s donation.

If you are a representative of an area non-profit and would like to learn more about the program, contact Lisa Likes at llikes@cullprop.com.

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