I really wish I had grown up to be a food reporter. There are few things in life more enjoyable than sharing good food news. That's what I have here with a report that Missouri and Illinois Wendy's locations have brought back and old favorite that hasn't been seen for years, but is now something you can get for a limited time in 2024.

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I saw Restaurant Clicks share the word that one of Wendy's favorite desserts is seeing a new life (for awhile). Can I confess that I didn't even know that it had disappeared? (*sad face*)

I checked the Wendy's site for Missouri and Illinois and it's true that an old favorite is back and that is (*drum roll*)...


It's the Vanilla Frosty!

There's just one problem. The return of the Vanilla Frosty appears to be just "for winter". How come I feel like we're being played just like McDonalds does with the on again, off again McRib? I don't have a food chain favorite and love them all, but I think the world is a better place when Wendy's has vanilla Frosties all the time and McDonalds has perpetual McRib sandwiches. I won't change my position on this. Deep fast food convictions are present.

There you have it. The latest Wendy's news from this aspiring fast food reporter. Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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