Don't you hate it when you head out to fight crime and something keeps you from being the superhero you know you are? That happened to a Missouri guy recently as he was all set to go out and be Spiderman until a seat belt foiled him.

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So here's what happened. Some guys in Festus, Missouri were really excited to go see the latest Spiderman movie. They decided to dress the part (minus the actual webbing I hope) to make the movie experience more real. That worked out for most of them, minus one guy who forgot something important.

The good news is the guy didn't really hurt himself. Other than a slight scrape on his chin from the sidewalk and a sore stomach from the seat belt holding him back, he's fine. As for his Spiderman street cred? That's a different situation.

I'm here to help. I really do try to be a helpful person. If you really think you want to be Spiderman, here are some real world moves to help you become your best Spidey.

Notice that he did none of those moves with a seat belt on because those are pro tips.

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