Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis held a press conference Friday morning to announce the arrest of 29-year-old Carl Goldberg for the death of his father, 84-year-old Carl Maxwell, whose body was discovered at 2034 Broadway on October 6.

Goldberg, formerly of Hannibal and now residing in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, was taken into custody October 14 by U.S. Marshals. Hannibal police detectives determined Goldberg as a "person of interest" in the investigation into the homicide of his father. Two HPD detectives were sent to Las Vegas on October 15 and interviewed Goldberg. After the interview with Goldberg, HPD detectives declared him as their primary suspect. "We will be seeking murder charges for the death of Carl A. Maxwell," said Chief Davis.

A timeline released by the Hannibal Police Department shows that police believe Maxwell was killed in February 2015. It was not until October 6 that police were notified of the discovery of Maxwell's body at the property on Broadway.

Chief Davis did not field questions from the media during the conference, as the investigation into Maxwell's death is ongoing.

Davis did make it a point to stress that recent homicides within the city are not related, and that there is no threat to the community at large. "I do want to say that the three recent homicides that we've had are not interrelated, there is no connection between the three of them, nor should anyone fear that this is a threat to the community as a whole. These were very isolated incidents, and all of the evidence we have gathered thus far supports that belief."

Carl S. Goldberg
Hannibal Police Department

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