There's a very famous YouTube channel that just shared a new episode with a very famous country superstar. It's Morgan Wallen and his cousin hunting in Missouri as he takes down his first-ever Missouri buck.

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Drury Outdoors who has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube just shared this status about their latest episode. It involves a very famous dude named Morgan Wallen:

On this episode of Deer Season '22, we're heading to Missouri rifle camp for another special opening weekend! This year, two special guests are joining the MAD crew fresh for their first trip to the northern MIssouri woods. Morgan Wallen and his cousin Jared Mulliins both have tags in their pocket and with DeerCast prediciting great, all of the stars are aligning. To say the least, opening day was special and by the end of it both hunters put the WInchesters to work on beautiful bucks. As always, thank you so much for the continued support of the Deer Season 22 series!

Spoiler Alert: it ends well for Morgan Wallen and his cousin Jared, but not well for the buck. We can't all be winners. WARNING: if you're sensitive to animals being hunted, do not watch.

In case you didn't know, Missouri and Illinois frequently host famous celebrity hunters like Morgan Wallen since our part of America is considered prime deer territory. Gary Levox formerly of Rascal Flatts is seen frequently hunting in west central Illinois. You never know when you might have a brush with greatness in our area especially during hunting season here.

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