Thanks to my career, I see a lot of weird things. I enjoy that about what I do. However, a UFO spotted recently over Florissant, Missouri is stranger than just about any I've ever seen before.

According to the video description, this just-shared video was captured back in May of this year. It shows a blimp-like object in the near distance just above a shopping center in Florissant, Missouri. It looked so much like a blimp that I thought it really was one. But, once you watch it move, you'll realize that this makes quicker moves than I've ever seen a regular blimp make.

The person that shared the video said this about what they recorded:

Shocking video of elongated UFO with red strobe lights moving slowly at low altitude

The video share is so recent, there were no comments as of this writing. I do watch what other people have to say when something like this becomes public as normally someone will have a valid theory about what we're seeing. In this case, we're on our own.

As a video producer myself, I always look for evidence that someone has created something with multiple layers. There's nothing obvious to me showing this, but that's one possibility.

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I also tend to be suspicious of videos that only show one angle and never change zoom levels. This one does move the perspective around, so that makes it a little more likely to be legit in my opinion.

Is it real? One suspicious factor is I don't see any reports for that day on the MUFON website. You'd think something this prominent in the St. Louis area would cause an uproar. But, maybe people in the area just thought it was a blimp. Maybe it was.

The truth is out there.

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