This should be a teachable moment for anyone who chases or wants to chase thunderstorms. New video shows what happened when a guy following one of the twisters in Missouri Sunday accidentally drove right into the path. He fortunately lived to tell about it.

The Tornado Intercept YouTube channel provided the scary backstory about how and why this happened as they chased twisters in Missouri this past weekend:

Documented a strong wedge tornado that hit the town of Purdin, Missouri during a tornado outbreak that spanned across the state of Missouri as well as several other states! This video shows when a storm chase goes wrong as a miscalculation was made on the direction and movement of the tornado. Storm chasing is a very dangerous activity, and we are very lucky to come out of this unscathed!

It's a miracle this guy's vehicle didn't end up getting tossed.

As he begins his chase, the large wedge tornado is off in the distance.

Tornado Intercept via YouTube

It was at this point that he knew he was in trouble.

Tornado Intercept via YouTube

He tried to turn and head back into the town of Purdin, Missouri thinking the tornado was heading the other direction. He was wrong and the twister overtook him. Notice the buildings disintegrating around him.

Tornado Intercept via YouTube

One rule of thumb if you see an approaching tornado is that if it doesn't appear to move, it's possibly heading directly toward you. With some storms traveling as fast as 60 mph Sunday, that doesn't allow much time for making the right decision.

Even the most trained meteorologist can end up in a dire situation. Meteorologist Tim Samaras along with his son and another colleague were killed when they were overtaken by a massive tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma in 2013 after the twister made an unexpected move. He was widely regarded as one of the safest and most knowledgeable chasers in America prior to his tragic death.

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Many experienced chasers have shared some guidelines for safely chasing tornadoes, but even those admit it's always a life-threatening endeavor. This chaser was very fortunate to live to tell his story.

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