If you happened to be up early and outside Friday morning anywhere in or near Illinois, you likely saw a brilliant fireball that was reported by hundreds.

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The American Meteor Society reported this fireball was flashed across the sky at approximately 5:52am on Friday, July 22. As of this writing, 137 people have claimed to have seen this bright streak. Several doorbell and security cameras recorded the event. This is video shared by Frank Trout Jr.

Michael Galindo in Chicago shared his video of this meteor.

Here's another viewpoint as seen from Muncie, Indiana.

Many reported that fragments were seen separating from this meteor as it flashed across the sky. As of this writing, no reports of actual meteorites being found on the ground have been recorded.

The early Friday morning fireball over Illinois and other parts of the Midwest is one of the most reported fireballs of 2022 so far. Will update this story as new videos of the event are shared.

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