Watch as this couple explores the famous Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, which includes footage of them going all the way into the cave known as the Devil's Icebox.

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This video of a couple exploring the beautiful Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and the incredible Devil's Icebox inside the park was uploaded to YouTube back in 2019, by a YouTube channel called Bob808Knight. The Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is located in Columbia, Missouri, and there is more to do at the park than the Devil's Icebox, but really that is what the park is known for.

I first wrote about the Devil's Icebox this past summer and was fascinated by the idea of checking it out in person for myself, if you want to learn more about the Devil's Icebox click here! In short, the Devil's Icebox is not actually a cave, but it is a double sinkhole that has a stream of water, and colder temperatures, which is how it got its name.

What I really like about this video, is you can really get a feel for how tight the space is when they are exploring inside of the Devil's Icebox, I could feel myself getting claustrophobic when I was watching it. After watching the video I may honestly have to rethink my desire to get inside of the Devil's Icebox but I definitely could see myself still wanting to walk about and explore the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, all the outdoor shots of the Rock Bridge were cool looking, and not claustrophobic at all!

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