There should be no reason why you screw up Valentine's Day if you live in the Tri-States, there are just too many great places to spend the evening.

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Valentine's Day is stressful but it doesn't have to be! Even if the person you are with is like my cohost Sam and says things like "I hate Valentine's Day, don't get me anything" know that you can overcome that with this simple 1 step program I have developed over the years. GO TO DINNER.

That's it. That is the step.

Take that special person out to eat, you don't even have to call it Valentine's Day Dinner, just say "hey we are going to dinner tonight my treat!" who says no to going out to dinner? And luckily we are in the Tri-States and have a BUNCH of great restaurants to take that special someone to, here is a list of my favorites.


-The Abbey (website)



-Thai D'Lish


-Cole's Hearth Room

-LaBinnah Bistro

-The Brick Oven

-The Patio

There are many others that I could have included but I think you are understanding the point I am trying to make, we have a bunch of terrific restaurants, and bars to take that special someone to on Valentine's Day. And honestly, if you don't like the fancy places and you know your significant other doesn't like the fancy places either then go to your favorite more affordable family place whether it's Mr. Bill's, Fiddlesticks, or Revelry, it doesn't matter, it is about spending time with the person that matters to you and going out to support a local place.

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