Two cities in Missouri are in the Top 10 for Cities Where your Car is Most Likely to be Stolen, and those cities are NOT St. Louis or Kansas City... Which cities from the Show-Me State make this troublesome list?

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According to Reader's Digest, Springfield, and Independence, Missouri make the list of the Top 10 US Cities Where your Car is Most Likely to be Stolen. Springfield comes in at 4th on the list, while Independence if you don't know, is located just East of Kansas City, and it comes in at 10th on this list. On the site they say...

"So in what city is your car most likely to be nabbed? Albuquerque, New Mexico tops the list, with 1,368.8 cars stolen per 100,000 people. The city is home to 561,375 people."

Independence isn't too far behind Albuquerque with a rating of 1,078 cars stolen per 100,000. The other cities on this list include Oakland, Detroit, Portland & Gresham (Oregon), Pueblo (Colorado), and Hayward & Richmond (California). To see the complete list for yourself just click here!

Missouri definitely seems to have a real problem with car theft... I would understand one city where there is a real issue with crime and so it pops up on this top 10 list per capita, but TWO. That just seems like Missouri might have a grand theft auto-type problem. For all of our readers on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, do you think Missouri has a state-wide car theft issue, or is this just a two-city anomaly?

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