Tracy Lawrence is a '90s country star with the pictures to prove it. Recently, he has started sharing throwback photos on Instagram and there's just so much hair!

A side-by-side with Billy Ray Cyrus contrasts two of the best mullets of the day. While the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer's hair was sharp and tightly manicured, Lawrence — best known for '90s songs like "Time Marches On" and "Alibis" — offered a kinder, gentler look. With a dimpled smile and a colorful style, he was a very accessible star at a time when gruff was in. Musically, his best songs reflected that — the "I See It Now" singer was a great empathizer throughout his best ballads and mid-tempo love songs.

Today, the mustache is shorter and his blue eyes are more focused, but the music is a strong as ever. It's been 30 years since Lawrence broke with "Sticks and Stones," and he's set to bring the past into the future with a trio of new albums called Hindsight 2020 and a 30th anniversary livestream concert on April 27.


Hindsight 2020, Vol. 1: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell drops on April 23 and features new songs like "Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell," "Lonely 101" and "Struggle, Struggle." The remaining two projects will be released as the year continues.

With a Few Old Friends:

Throwing It Way Back:

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