With winter staring us in the face it is time to remind you of some safety precautions you can take to make your late fall and wintertime a safe time. The Quincy Fire Department currently has a wreath on each fire station with red and white lights on them. They were all red bulbs but after each structure fire a white bulb replaces a red one and so far, as of this writing, there are 2 white bulbs on each wreath.  Hopefully, those will be the only bulb replacements needed for the rest of this holiday season. The following tips from the Quincy Fire Department are recommended to keep another white bulb from going on the wreaths.

1. Never leave the kitchen area when cooking.  If you do leave, turn off the stove or           oven.

2. Keep all space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn or ignite.

3. Replace and do NOT repair any damaged electrical cords in your home.

4. Never use the oven or stove to heat your home. Doing so may result in CO                     poisoning.

5. Never put a Christmas tree up close to a heat source. Always water your tree as well.

6. Keep Christmas packages away from candles and lights

7. Avoid using lighted candles.

8. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

9. Place candles in a sturdy candle holder that will not burn.

10.If you smoke do so outdoors and away from decorations and gifts

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