Don't feel sorry for this horse. He knew exactly what he was doing. His name is Chrome and his owner has described him as "mischievous". This video is proof as he was caught playing with a garbage can and got his head stuck in it.

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This happened a few days ago in Michigan. Here's what Chrome's owner had to say about his playfulness:

This video was taken at my house, and this is my horse Chrome...He is a very mischievous horse and always has to play with everything. This time, however, he got himself into a predicament I had to help him out. This bin was actually used as a hay dispenser, that is why it has a cutout on the bottom. I let my horses into my garden area to eat the grass down and I used the bin to cover some onions that I didn't want to be trampled. Instead, he decided to play with the bin and get it stuck on his head. The onions survived. I lifted the bin off his head after the video and he was not hurt in any way.

The closeup near the end of Chrome's face...he is not even sorry a little bit.

Dressage Today wrote an interesting article about horse personalities. They said most horses are either social, fearful, aloof or challenging. If I had to guess, I'd say Chrome is a combination of social and challenging. This big boy most certainly seems quite proud of himself. Never underestimate animals like Chrome to amaze you. Just don't let them near the garbage.

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