I did a double-take when I saw the news that there is an alpine coaster coming to Illinois. Aren't alpine coasters for mountains? Yes, and one really is coming to a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

Thank you to Fox 2 Now for making my roller coaster dreams come true. They broke the news of this coming to Aerie's Resort in Grafton, Illinois.

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As Fox 2 Now reports, a company which has designed alpine coasters all around the world is handling the planning of this must-ride attraction. What's it gonna be like? Well, this is one of their coasters. I realize there aren't mountains like that near us, but imagine the Mississippi River bluffs as a background instead.

FYI, they also designed this bad boy.

The word is this alpine coaster will open in Grafton, Illinois in September of 2022. If you plan to be the first in line, you'll have to beat me to it as I am a coaster freak. The idea of an alpine coaster in our backyard is beyond sweet.

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