You can tell a lot about a location because of its name. Surely, the infamous Zombie Road in Missouri isn't based on anything real, right? The truth is how this road got its name might really be based on truth with just a hint of legend.

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Zombie Road is located near Wildwood just outside of St. Louis. As we've shared previously, there are many who swear they will never travel down Missouri's Zombie Road ever again. That's due to the numerous paranormal investigators who claim this is the easily the most haunted road in Missouri if not America altogether.

What are the origins of Zombie Road?

Here's where it gets interesting. Numerous sites like Roads to Travel agree that Zombie Road was built just prior to the Civil War in 1860. Many claim to have seen and heard "ghosts" of Native Americans and Civil War soldiers along this road.

But, when did the name Zombie originate for this road?

The story of a killer along this road began back in the 1950's. Roads to Travel adds "another story said there is a serial “zombie killer” who hides on the road after being hit and killed by the train and as an act of vengeance, he chases the young lovers that parked alongside the road". The Paranormal Guide is another source that adds that the "zombie killer" was a patient who escaped from a mental hospital.

But, is there any truth to the stories behind the Zombie name?

The amazing answer is yes. Specifically, the story of someone hit by a train really happened to Della Hamilton McCullough. Only In Your State confirms this was a judge in 1876 who was struck and killed by a train with the resulting injuries so gruesome the remains were like a zombie. That is when the legend of the ghost of someone being hit by a train lurking in the woods began.

Was this judge tragically killed by a train responsible for the many deaths that have been reported along Zombie Road over the past century? There's no way to know for sure. The only thing we do know is there was real tragedy that was the origin for this infamous road in Missouri.

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