In 1997 the Social Security Administration started doing something fun. They began compiling baby name lists, with names dating back to 1880. So what are Missouri's top baby names for 2022? Read on and find out.

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Top Boys Names in Missouri

The top names for boys in Missouri for 2022 are as follows. The national ranking taking into account the whole country is to the right of the name:

  • Oliver (3)
  • Theodore (10)
  • Henry (7)
  • Liam (1)
  • William (6)

Top Girls Names in Missouri

  • Charlotte (3)
  • Olivia (1)
  • Amelia (4)
  • Emma (2)
  • Evelyn (9)

The Top Names of 2022 Across America

The top names for boys across America from one to five in rank order are Liam, Noah, Oliver, James, and Elijah. The top names for girls are Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, and Sophia.

Top Boys and Girls Names In Missouri in 1972

The top names for boys in Missouri in 1972, 50 years prior to the latest list, are Michael, Christopher, James, David, and Brian. The top names for girls in Missouri in 1972 are Jennifer, Michelle, Angela, Amy, and Kimberly.

The Most Popular Names of the Past 100 Years 

While Social Security didn't do a break out of the most popular baby names per state for the last 100 years, they did compile a general list.

For boys, the most popular names in rank order from one to five are James, Robert, John, Michael, and David. For girls, they are Mary, Patricia, Jennifer, Linda, and Elizabeth.

If you're interested in doing a deeper dive into popular names in Missouri. Want to check out the top baby names from the year you were born or more, you can head over to the Social Security website and check out their lists. It's an easy page to navigate and find just what you're looking for. Or you can keep scrolling and check out the most popular baby names from the past 100 years, and the most popular biblical baby names.

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LOOK: The most popular biblical baby names

To determine the most popular biblical baby names, Stacker consulted the name origin site Behind the Name and the Social Security Administration's baby names database then ranked the top 50 names from Behind the Name's Biblical Names origins list of 564 names, based on how many babies had been given these names in 2019. Click through to find out which biblical names have stood the test of time.

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