I enjoy an entertaining urban legend. One of the most famous in Missouri is regarding 'The Bubbleheads'. As is the case with many of these tall tales, there's a little bit of truth behind the myths. When it comes to 'The Bubbleheads', the truth at the origin of this one appears to be quite sad.

A very entertaining fella named Che counted down the top 10 urban legends in St. Louis a couple years ago. He ranks 'The Bubbleheads' at #3.

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I decided to do some investigating to see what about 'The Bubbleheads' was truth and what was fiction. I was shocked when I really did find a Carrico Road in Florissant, Missouri.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

That led me to a discussion about this road and 'The Bubbleheads' on the St. Louis sub-Reddit page. One comment shared some sad backstory about what this urban legend was really about and how it started. They stated that there was a family that lived on this road who's son had hydrocephalus. Mayo Clinic defines this disease of the head:

Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.

The boy had a deformed head and it appears his family kept him secluded to protect him. One person confessed that they sought this family out many many years ago and ended up regretting it since it was obviously a sad reality.

While the road is real, the word is that the family does not live there anymore and residents there don't enjoy the many who come there seeking 'The Bubbleheads'.

This is one Missouri urban legend that really needs to go away. Let's bury it now and go back to our search for Momo.

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