Country trio the Cadillac Three first heard one of their songs on the radio at the same time, though all three bandmates were in different locations for the big moment. Read on to learn each group member's story of hearing their song "The South" on country radio -- as well as why the experience meant so much to them.

Kelby Ray: I was at my dad's work, actually; I stopped by and saw him. I was downtown and said, "Hey, my song's about to be on at noon," or whatever, so I went by, and we cranked up the stereo and listened to it at the shop.

Jaren Johnston: WSIX[-FM, the Big 98], in my truck, at the same time [that Kelby heard it], in Nashville, on Music Row.

Neil Mason: Scott Borchetta texted all three of us and said, "It's gonna be on at noon," or whatever time it was, "so get ready." I was at my house, and I went out and turned it up in my car. I took a five-minute break from my co-write, and then went back in and wrote again.

And that's the only time we ever heard it on the radio! We were fired up. It was exciting. 'Cause, I mean, I guess in our old band, we'd had songs on the radio, but this band, it was the first time.

Country radio's different then rock; it seemed a lot bigger, you know what I mean? It was a lot of fun.

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