Here are ten signs that you probably grew up in Quincy… or have at least spent a good deal of time in the Gem City.

Phillips Furniture - Quincy, Illinois

You've ordered pizza and Mexican from the same restaurant.

Every time you drive by Grandma rocking on the roof, you hear the furniture store jingle in your head.

You have purchased used books by the inch.

You have spent more than one Christmas shopping season wondering what's in the box.

After an out-of-town friend told you "I saw Quincy's Maid Rite on Food Network," you told them that there also used to be a second Maid Rite on Broadway.

Springfield doesn’t mean “state capitol.” Springfield means “state fair!”

You remember putting quarters in the cartoon booth to watch Popeye and Mighty Mouse while your parents ordered portraits at Sears.

You clipped the picture from the newspaper that time they accidentally published a photo of a skydiver’s … equipment.

You know someone that still calls QCT "the Little Theater."

You've wondered whether or not the Pepsi Clock is accurate.