I've already ready started, and maybe some of you as well the dreaded Back to School shopping, but coming soon the tax free weekend so save money on items.

Mark your calendars, the Tax Free Weekend in Missouri is coming up on Friday, August 7th through August 9th. You do not have to be a Missouri resident, or student to participate in the event. Shoppers will not be taxed on:

  • Clothing and shoes: $100 or less per item
  • School supplies: $50 or less per item
  • Computer software: $350 or less per item
  • Personal computers and computer peripheral devices: $1,500 or less per item
  • Graphing calculators: $150 or less per item

Every little bit counts when your trying to save and get your child everything they need for school. I have already started my shopping book bags check...okay that's all I've gotten so far, but hey it's a start.

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