I have no idea what happened in this home, but someone should investigate whoever owned it. Explorers found a super creepy abandoned home deep in the woods and it's filled with some of the weirdest doll stuff you'll ever see.

One of my favorite Midwest urbex channels on YouTube that searches out empty buildings and locations shared this backstory about this place:

We explore an abandoned mansion in the woods that we stumbled upon. We knew nothing about the property going in but it was easy to see that something weird was going on there. Upon exploring we find baby doll body parts all through the house just to find a guillotine at the top of the stairs.

Was ritualistic stuff happening here? Watch and see what you think.

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Among the many troubling things these guys found in this empty home is this dastardly sight.

BigBankz via YouTube

Decapitated porcelain doll in the window? What the?

BigBankz via YouTube

The fact that these guys started hearing weird noises in the home even though they were alone is enough reason to never put this place on my "check this out someday" list. Imagine stumbling across this place at night and having your flashlight showing decapitated dolls and a guillotine? NOPE.

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I'm not the only person wondering if there's a group doing awful ritualistic stuff in this place. Here's one comment on YouTube that seems to agree:

Coffee Breaks with Bri - "I love how freaked out you guys were. I got a good laugh out of it because I would have been acting the same way. lol. Dolls with their heads cut off are definitely an odd thing to find. Did you guys check if there was a basement? I was thinking that could be where the rituals took place if there were any."

Excuse me while I go turn the lights back on. (*shudder*)

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