The data shows that when it comes to severe weather during the Summer time Illinois is gets hit harder than almost every other state!

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As we deal with our first batch of summer storms this weekend across the Tri-State area it is a reminder just how dangerous it can be living in the Midwest during the summer months. According to they ranked the 50 states from best summer weather to most severe summer weather, and it's shocking how high up Illinois ranks on their list.

To see the full list click here, but Illinois ranks 10th on the list for most severe summer weather, only behind states like Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and other southern states that have to worry about hurricanes. In the article they say about Illinois...

"Annual property damage, summers 2009-2019: $91.7 million. Annual summer property damage per capita: $7.24 (#20 highest among all states). Worst summer weather event: 2010 flash flood in Cook ($253 million in property damage)"

They go on to talk about how it's not just the rural areas of Illinois that are effected by the severe weather, that Chicago deals with these horrible damaging summer storms as well.

Now for the other states in our Tri-State region not surprising Iowa was ranked just below Illinois coming in at 12th place on the list, they had that horrific wind storm last year. However Missouri ranks much more favorably on the list coming in at number 38 on the list. No matter where you live there is always a chance of severe weather that could cause damage to you or your property, just gotta be extra careful here in the Land of Lincoln!

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