I have it on good authority that Santa has checked this list twice, and if you want to find out if you were naughty or nice this year, here's the official Santa List.

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The North Pole Government Department of Christmas Affairs has released the official Naughty and Nice List, and I am sure my girls will want to know where Santa has put them. Now, there's a few weeks for kiddos that are on the naughty list to make the switch to the nice list, so let them know Santa is watching and they better start behaving themselves. Here is the official list.

So, where does your favorite DJ land on the list:

  • Jeff Dorsey - Naughty (better straighten up Big Dog)
  • Sarah Deien - Nice (no surprise there, although the Big Dog may argue that)
  • Michael Rose - Nice (he's been extra good this year)
  • Lucky Larry - Naughty (he doesn't play nice)
  • Mark Hespen - Nice (I think Santa needs to check his list again)
  • Samantha - Naughty (yep, seems about right)
  • Jess on the Job - Nice (Jess is super sweet)
  • Buddy Logan - Naughty (no comment)

So, there you have it a mix of naughty and nice for your on-air staff, but parents remember you can now use this list in hope that your kiddos will be good for the rest of the year. I mean we can all hope, right?

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