Country music fans all over the world have been following every minute of Joey + Rory singer Joey Feek's brave battle with cancer, and in a new blog post, her husband Rory reveals why he is sharing all of the intimate details of their personal struggles.

Joey has been battling Stage 4 cancer, for which she recently underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. After doctors told the couple there is nothing more medicine can do, they made the decision to end her treatments, and following a nationwide prayer vigil for Joey last week, Rory has revealed that Joey has entered hospice care.

Rory has chronicled Joey's fight with regular updates to his blog, This Life I Live, and in a new entry Thursday (Nov. 12), he says he is trying to make sure his wife is remembered.

"Three years ago I had to say goodbye to one of my very best friends — Tim Johnson," he writes. "Tim and I had been buddies since I first showed up on Music Row in Nashville with a guitar-case full of dreams." The pair had written hit songs together, and they were flabbergasted when Johnson was diagnosed with cancer that had already spread from his colon to his liver. "His next year or so were tough, like Joey’s," Rory recalls. "They did what they could, but in the end, it was what it was."

Johnson continued to write songs through his treatment before he passed away in 2012, Rory shares, "But during this time of Tim’s life, it was different. He didn’t have to make up a character that had something extraordinary to say… he just looked in the mirror and the truth came pouring out of him." Just months before Johnson passed, Rory asked him to appear on Joey + Rory's TV show.

"I wanted to make sure that Tim was remembered," he says. "And something told me that his song might help someone in their moment of need. Little did I know that in a short time, that someone-in-need would be me. And Joey. Tim and Megan’s story has become our story and his words are now our words."

That's why he shares Joey's struggles with the world, Rory reflects.

"I want her sweet voice and her love to live on. And not just outlive her… but to somehow outlive me, and our girls, and even their children. And so today, as I sit beside my wife. I remember my friend Tim and his life and what an inspiration he was to me, and how his words and music are helping get me through this time and speaking to me just when I need them.

"And someday when your moment comes with someone you love… maybe, just maybe, you will remember Joey and her words and voice and life will comfort you…

"And her song will live on."

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