Survey Time!!! Your chance to tell them what YOU want on Quincy's Riverfront

You can't complain if you don't participate. It's just like voting, if you don't vote then don't complain. You have a chance to have input and a say as to what happens to the Quincy Riverfront, so take the survey and make your voice herd!

The Riverfront Master Plan is ongoing right now in Quincy and Adams County, and they are seeking your input on what the future of the Quincy Riverfront should look like, and how it should function. All you have to do is fill out a survey, I know what you're thinking (I don't want to take 30 mins and type out long answers to what I want to see on the riverfront) the survey is extremely quick and easy!

The survey asks really cool and important questions like, Would you rather a Zip Line or a Climbing Wall? More spaces for Fishing or more Walking Paths? Do you want Sculptures or what about a Stage for Performing? Should we build Apartments on the river? These and so many more really important questions that we as residents of Quincy and Adams County need to have an input on.

I have only lived in Quincy for less then 2 years, I moved here from Chicago, and let me tell you it is so important for Quincy's future to correctly develop the riverfront into a usable destination that will bring people in from all around. So please take 10 mins and fill out this really easy, fun survey!

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