If you've experienced the wait time for hearing about a Medicaid application in Missouri, you're not alone. The Show Me State was just listed in a federal report as having one of the longest response wait times in America for Medicaid services.

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just issued a report on September 1, 2022 documenting wait times for Medicaid for each state. They broke down the wait times for each state from the date of application. The results for Missouri are pathetic. According to their report, only around 4 to 5% of applications are processed during the first 24 hours. Another 6% wait at least a week. 7% wait around 30 days. Over 85% wait more than 45 days.

How does Missouri measure up compared to other states?

In 21 states, the Medicaid determination for 60% of applications was made within 7 days. Compare that to around 10 to 11% for Missouri during that period and you can begin to understand why many consider the systematic response in Missouri to be lacking. This map will give you an idea of the Missouri Medicaid application process compared to other states.

Infographic, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services
Infographic, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services

The official state of Missouri Medicaid application page says you can contact them if you don't get a response to an application. If the above report is accurate, that's a phone call you can expect to make. To be fair, that is certainly not everyone's experience. But, the numbers in the just-released study show that there is an issue with the time it takes people in Missouri to learn if they can receive assistance.

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