I miss Chris Farley. I've said it before, but I feel like I need to say it again. Very few people can make you laugh just by looking at them, but Chris had that gift. A flashback just brought back the memory of that time when he practically took over a Chicago Blackhawks game.

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I can't remember the exact date, but I know this happened in 1995. It recently started trending all over again on Digg and it made me laugh just thinking about it. Because of music copyright issues, there's no music with this video which is a crying shame. If you remember that Blackhawks game, Chris entered the ice performing a dance sequence (more like flailing actually) to Flashdance. Do yourself and play both these videos together and you'll get an idea if you weren't there.

A couple weeks ago, we passed what would have been Chris Farley's 58th birthday. Sadly, he never made it past birthday 33. Tragic.

If you aren't already aware, Chris Farley was originally gonna be the voice of Shrek. He had around 85% of the voice work done before he passed. The word is also that he was being cast as the Cable Guy, the role made famous by Jim Carrey.

Unfortunately, we're left with memories like the one from the United Center in Chicago when no one can remember if the Blackhawks won. Only the fact that one of the best physical comedians of our generation stole the show that night. Crying shame we didn't get to enjoy Chris Farley longer.

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