I don't even dream about cars this exotic. A rare Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 super car was just spotted in a parking lot in St. Louis.

The best car I ever had was a classic Firebird. You could buy probably 150,000 Firebirds with what this one car costs as seen in St. Louis a few days ago.

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Hot Cars did a breakdown about why this Skyline GT-R is so expensive. They mention how much advanced tech this car is packing:

The highlight is the ATTESA ET-S all-wheel-drive system. The R34 managed to add more power to the wheels thanks to a computer system with stunning split-second adjustments with more than 50% more power going to the front.

They also mention that the R34 is not yet legal to import and won't be until 2024. Perhaps St. Louis just had a foreign visitor or maybe a new Fast and the Furious movie is being made?

I mention The Fast and The Furious because it's the 2002 model of this car that Paul Walker's character drove in that franchise.

It's not often you get to see a car of this magnitude up-close-and-personal.

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