Quincy Mall celebrates Halloween every year with their popular Mall-oween trick-or-treat event. In 2015, the mall is jumping on the pop culture zombie bandwagon and will be bringing a "kid-friendly" zombie apocalypse to Mall-oween.

"Quincy Mall has been holding Mall-oween as long as we can remember; it provides a safe, weather-worry-free environment for trick-or-treaters to come fill their candy bags," said Mike Jenkins, Marketing Director for Quincy Mall. "On Saturday, October 31—Halloween--stores will begin handing out treats starting at 5 p.m., and go until about 7 p.m."

Jenkins says that this year's Mall-oween will be even more special with the inclusion of Undead Mall: a Family-Friendly Zombie Apocalypse. "This year we’re building a kid-friendly, not-too-scary interactive display for trick-or-treaters to experience. They can walk through our family-friendly zombie apocalypse, which will be staged in one of our vacant displays down by the Pepsi Play Area on the mall’s east end. It’s a quick two-minute sidelight through a zombie-inspired hallway that’ll be fun and exciting, and not-too-scary."

According to Jenkins, the stores inside Quincy Mall enjoy the event about as much as the kids, as do the shoppers that do not have any kids participating. "It’s a well-attended event, and it’s fun for non-trick-or-treaters to come look at all the great costumes! Our great Quincy Mall stores have an opportunity to enjoy the Halloween festivities too, and it’s a great way for them to give back to the community. For the most part, store sales slow to a crawl during the event, but in this case it’s all about the kids, which is, of course, priceless!"