The organization Wired to Hunt has come out with their top ten locations to hunt in the United States, and Quincy is one of the ten. The article was written by Mark Kenyon who says "if you eat, sleep and breathe whitetails," here are the ten locations in the U.S. where you should live. Here is the complete list, in no particular order, although Quincy was listed first.

Quincy, Illinois

Alma, Wisconsin

Columbus, Ohio

Kansas City, Missouri

Louisville, Kentucky

Des Moines, Iowa

Dallas, Texas

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jackson, Mississippi

Glasgow, Montana

Listed below is the paragraph they wrote describing why this area is one of the best places to hunt in the United States. You can read more at

Quincy, Illinois: If you’re looking for big buck royalty, you can’t go wrong with Quincy, Illinois. Quincy is located in the heart of some of the most famous deer hunting ground in the country, as Illinois’ famed Golden Triangle of Pike, Adams, Brown and Schuyler counties are all within striking distance. Renowned whitetail outfitters such as Hadley Creek and Heartland Lodge and many others are also in the area, so when November rolls around, you’re sure to be surrounded by like-minded whitetail addicts. Quincy’s location on the Mississippi is an added draw as well, as plenty of recreational activities outside of deer hunting are available here too. And if you want some out-of-state options, just across the river is some of the best deer hunting in Missouri and in about an hour you can be hunting Iowa too.”