Rent out B&B Theatres in Hannibal for a PRIVATE Movie showing of Empire Strikes Back.

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If you really want to go to the movies, but your really don't want to be in crowds of people, AND you are a massive Star Wars fan then do I have the best news ever for you! B&B Theatres in Hannibal has announced a special one week only deal where you can rent out a theater for you and your friends and family to see a special showing of Empire Strikes Back celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release. And honestly don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by if you are a Star Wars fan!

On the Facebook page for B&B Theatres Hannibal Main Street Cinema 8, they created a post saying...

"Don't miss this opportunity! We're celebrating 40 years of The #EmpireStrikesBack and offering #PrivateRentals to see this film on the big screen!! Starting Sept 25 (and for ONE WEEK ONLY! ) relive every extraordinary moment of the #EmpireStrikesBack in your own private auditorium with your friends! Pricing starts at $200"

To reserve your theater CLICK HERE!

To see the complete post from B&B Theatres Hannibal Main Street Cinema 8, and to learn more click here!

What an absolutely awesome opportunity! And honestly I can't believe that it starts at only $200, I would have guessed to rent out a theater for a private showing it would cost thousands! Also can't believe it has been 40 years since Empire Strikes Back was first released, either way if you are going to rent this out can you send me an invite?

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