It was September 11th, 2001, nineteen years ago today. I bet you can tell me exactly what you were doing when you first heard the news of the attack on the United States. I was on the radio with the TV on in the lobby when I first saw what was happening. I was riveted to the TV.

I am sure everyone felt violated by what took place, but for me it stung really hard.  Being born in New York, and having had the opportunity to actually go to the World Trade Center’s Observation Deck twice in my lifetime, made it difficult to watch those towers crumble. Every time I see a replay of that event, my blood boils and I become someone I am not.  A person filled with hatred and wanting revenge. I am not sure that will ever leave me.

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As the years go by, more and more people become complacent about the events of this day 19 years ago.  It’s just like remembering the attacks on Pearl Harbor.  Less people remember it with each passing year. It’s up to people like me and you to remind people of what took place especially the young people who were too young to understand what was happening then, but are old enough now to understand it.  Basically, that is anyone in their teens today. Tell them what 9-11 was like for you. Hopefully, your story will carry on through them to the next generation.

I wasn’t born when Pearl Harbor took place, but I know about it because my mother and father took the time to tell me their stories about that day.  Please take the five minutes and tell your story about 9-11. The younger generation needs to hear it and more importantly they really need to know it.

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