It was standing-room-only at Becky’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Hannibal Sunday evening. The packed house heard two speakers passionately urge voters to support Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Tuesday’s primary election.
U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine from Oklahoma told the crowd that Ted Cruz is one Senator not afraid to call the corrupt process in Washington, DC what it is—a Washington cartel. Bridenstine says many Republicans and Democrats are colluding with lobbyists and working against the will of the people.

Bridenstine spoke from the perspective of a Navy pilot and a member of Congress. In both roles, he took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Bridenstine told the crowd he is absolutely confident that a President Cruz will also defend the Constitution, as he has his entire life.

Pastor Rafael Cruz began his comments by telling the crowd that America is on the edge of a precipice—on a path of destruction if we continue in the same direction. The elder Cruz grew up under the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. Cruz was imprisoned and tortured but was able to legally leave Cuba on a student visa. He said Castro’s propaganda sounded amazingly similar to a modern day campaign slogan in America—hope and change. Cruz says the hope and change mantra evolved into oppressing the “evil” rich (Cruz says that meant anyone with a good job) and redistribution of wealth. Cruz says socialism requires the government become your god. Cruz was able to flee Cuba and its lack of freedom and come to America, but should America lose its freedom, there’s not another place like it to go.

And that's where his son Ted's campaign comes in.  Rafael Cruz says Ted got his first dose of conservative politics at the age of 9, as he watched Ronald Reagan assume the presidency.  At 13, Ted was introduced to the Free Enterprise Institute where he studied economics and government.  He then joined 4 other youth in a group called the Constitutional Corroborators, where the 5 memorized the Constitution.  By the time Ted graduated from high school, he had made 80 speeches on free market economics and the Constitution.  Ted Cruz has also successfully argued cases before the Supreme Court involving the 2nd Amendment and religious liberties.

Cruz says his son has a simplified tax plan that will lower taxes for both individuals and businesses.  He plans to repeal Obamacare and many of Obama's executive orders, as well as reduce excessive regulations that strangle business growth.

Rafael Cruz cited recent polls that show Donald Trump losing to Hilary Clinton in the general election, while Ted Cruz defeats Hilary by 10 points.

Cruz says Missourians have a chance to elect a man of principle this Tuesday.  Pastor Cruz recalled the words of Jesus: "You shall know them by their fruits".  Cruz says its time for voters to do some "fruit checking" .