A nice stretch of November weather come to a shivering halt Monday night in northeast Missouri and western Illinois.

While the National Weather Service predicts the upper Midwest and the northern plains will get heavy amounts of snow this week, the mid Mississippi Valley will mostly see unseasonable cold as that arctic cold front makes its way across the the eastern two-thirds of  the country.

After a high of 67 Monday, temperatures will start to drop early Tuesday morning, with a chance of rain and then snow by Tuesday noon.

While the chance of precipitation ends Tuesday afternoon, the temperatures take a nosedive, from a high of 40 Tuesday, to highs in the low 30s Wednesday through Friday, rebounding to the mid-to-upper 30s for the weekend.

Lows will hover around 20 Tuesday through Friday, bouncing back to the mid-20s Saturday night.

There is also a slight chance of rain and snow in the forecast Saturday and Saturday night.